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28 juillet 2012 

Activists Bring AIDS Message to White House (en anglais)

Source: medpage today

Protest is a common thread at International AIDS Conferences, and this year's was no different as thousands marched on the White House.

Chanting protesters blocked streets from the Washington Convention Center to Lafayette Park to demand, among other things, a "Robin Hood" tax on financial transactions in the U.S. to fund additional AIDS research and programs.

Some of those gathered were dressed as Robin Hood, while others wore simple t-shirts with slogans and logos, and some -- despite the 94 degree heat -- were dressed in large foam mascot costumes -- one a purple outfit intended to be a tuberculosis bacillus.

Many carried signs or posters, and one group had a 15-foot-tall puppet caricature of a pharmaceutical executive.

"We want to bring back some images of how communities can mobilize around human rights and access to treatment, and about how community work can affect the fight against AIDS," said Deborah Glejser, a community organizer from the Netherlands.

Lafayette Park, directly across from the White House, had a stage and speaker system set up at its center.

Organizers expected 30,000 people at the march, but observers put the number closer to 5,000. District of Columbia police declined to give an estimate, nor would they say if any arrests were made.

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