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13 mars 2013

Vu et entendu

Mortality Risk No Higher Than In General Population For Patients With Well-Controlled HIV

Source: AIDS For HIV-infected patients whose disease is well-controlled by modern treatment, the risk of death is not significantly higher...

25 novembre 2012

New HIV Epidemic Looms over Romania

Source: IPS New HIV infections among Romanian drug users have grown exponentially over the past couple of years, from three...

28 juillet 2012

Revue de presse

Activists Bring AIDS Message to White House (en anglais)

Source: medpage today Protest is a common thread at International AIDS Conferences, and this year's was no different as thousands...

10 juin 2012

Vu et entendu

The United Nations and Violence against Women?

Public Lecture Jacqui TRUE (Monash University, author of The Political Economy of Violence Against Women, forthcoming New York: Oxford...

20 mai 2012

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Antiretroviral therapy may be stabilising HIV epidemic in Danish gay men

Source: aidsmap / Michael Carter The use of antiretroviral treatment appears to have stabilised the HIV epidemic in Danish gay...

24 juillet 2011

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HIV vaccine technologists edge nearer to effective designs

Source: aidsmap A vaccine symposium held at the sixth International AIDS Society conference (IAS 2011) in Rome heard how designers...

21 octobre 2010

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Swiss drug policy should serve as model, say experts

Source: Reuters Switzerland's innovative policy of providing drug addicts with free methadone and clean needles has greatly reduced deaths while...

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